Friday, December 4, 2015

We Can't Seem To Shake This Thing.

Lately, life has been all sorts of ups and downs. 

Most of the downs involved colds, stomach bugs, and various just-a-virus situations.

Unfortunately right now we're in a down. We'll the boys are. Hubby and I are just being the best parents we can and trying to help them recover as fast as possible. Little VP has a stomach bug...lots of vomiting and refusing to eat. Which is not good. He's already a little smaller than most boys his age and that stresses me out to the max. So, I've been trying all sorts of tricks to get food into his stomach. Thank goodness most of the time I succeed , there are though those occasional situations were I end up covered in whatever I was trying to get into his mouth.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

Baby J. is also sick. He started off with a slight runny nose which has now progressed into a constant runny nose, a pretty bad cough, and heavy breathing. Hubby came home from work on two nights ago and the first thing he said was "get dressed we need to take him to the emergency room". After much explaining and some reassuring that I had the situation under control for now we ended up spending a fun and relaxing evening together with our boys. Baby J. had a ton of fun playing with his dad and Baby VP and I cheered and laughed at their antics.

First thing the next morning I called and scheduled an appointment with our family Dr. and she managed to pencil me in for noon. After a morning filled with some grocery shopping we headed towards her office, half an hour early. Now usually if we get there early we have to wait. But this time I guessing that one of her nurses told her I was by myself with both the boys because we had barely taken off our coats and sat down in the waiting room and she called us back into her examination room.

I was super thankful for that because Baby J. was getting ready to touch everything in sight and there were lots of breakable things to touch.

After a quick examination of both boys Baby VP was diagnosed with a stomach bug that we would have to stick out and a slight cold. Unfortunately, because he's under a year old she didn't feel comfortable giving him any medications so besides spreading a wet cloth over his sleeping area and some nasal spray there's not much I can do for him. Except to continue what I have been doing. 

Baby J. was diagnosed with a really bad cold and a slight infection so he's now on antibiotics and a cough syrup as well as the nasal spray. Let's just say each time I have to give him that antibiotic and cough syrup I want to cry. He puts up a really big fight and there are tears involved on both sides. 

I'm so ready for the snowy weather to begin. 

We've been fighting these colds and stuff for more than a month now. Each time the weather has gotten really cold and the air has cleared of bacteria the boys get better. But then warmer weather happens and everyone is sick again. And twice now we've gone to church only to return home and spend all night awake with one or both boys being sick. So, I now I'm not the only one whose kids are having trouble shaking this thing.

Well Baby VP is finally asleep. I woke up to hearing him coughing and gagging in his crib. The minute I picked him up and turned him facing the floor, his latest feed ended up coming right back up. 

My poor poor baby. 

And not even half an hour before Baby J. had a coughing fit. Ended up rocking him back to sleep. 

My heart hurts for our boys. I'm so looking forward to this sickness passing and seeing them 100% healthy.