Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Oh Where , Oh Where Has My Space-Bar Gone?

Life has been well...life.

So, much has happened in the last few weeks that I've taken to keeping quick notes on my cellphone.

I keep telling myself "once the kids are asleep for the night I'll blog." But it's obvious that hasn't been happening. The kids fall asleep and I end up doing last minute laundry, dishes, or just picking up the toys that seem to multiply in the evenings.

Unfortunately, little J. has also learned to climb up and mess with our laptop. Which means we are now missing several different keys, the space-bar being the most important one. Have you ever tried typing without a space-bar? Believe me it's no fun. I deserve a reward in patience for the time I spent typing out this quick post with a missing space-bar.

The boys have grown so quickly this last year that I'm still reeling from the shock of realizing that my youngest is turning 1 this week. How...when? And next month is little J.'s birthday meaning he turns 2. I officially have no more babies in my house.


I also haven't forgotten that I promised a delicious recipe a few posts back. I'll be getting to that soon. I promise.

And I want to do a quick update on each of my littles. So be looking for those.

Mostly, I just wanted to let my readers know I'm alive and well...thank God and the blog will be up and running on a more regular schedule soon.

Whohoo for that!