Sunday, February 28, 2016

How About A Top 5 List.

I am so excited to say that my "big thing" is going well!

For those that haven't read my previous post...the "big thing" is actually my weight loss journey. It started off slow but I'm starting to get the hang of this.

So far I have lost 4 kgs. That's 8.8 pounds. Way to go me!! 

And no need to remind me that a good part of that 8 pounds is water weight. I know all to well about that. Actually, most of my life I've struggled with my weight. Except back then I really had no motivation to keep it off. Now I do.

 My Top 5 Reasons For Getting Healthy & Slim:

  • My Health: My BMI is sadly in a very bad place as is my weight. Which means my health isn't all that great either. I want to be healthy and to not have to worry about my health being affected by my weight.
  • My children: They are the most important people to me and they deserve a healthy mom. A mom that can run around with them without feeling like her heart is going to burst out of her chest and her lungs going to collapse. I want to see them grow up , get married, have children...and for that I need to be at a healthy weight.
  • My husband: He is so amazing. He has supported me through everything. The least I can do is become a healthier me. So that we have a bigger chance at growing old together.
  • Myself: I deserve so very much to be happy and healthy. And I can be neither at the weight that I'm at. My health is threatened and my happiness is always a roller coaster ride. I want to live life without fretting that my clothes don't fit, that my health is shot, that I might end up dead before my time because of this extra weight. 
  • Clothes: Clothing for big people sucks. Seriously, there is such a lack of pretty clothes for big people. It's like the manufacturers purposely make ugly clothes to inspire big people to try to lose weight. When you're a big person nothing fits right or looks good. I always struggle buying myself clothes because nothing looks nice or attractive. Plus, I get so very embarrassed buying from the XL section. Also, I have a big closet filled with beautiful clothes from before my weight gain. I'd like to wear them again. Not as important of a reason as my other ones but to me it still makes the list!

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