Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Working To Save.

This year EverydayMommy Headquarters has decided to focus on saving money.

We noticed that in the last couple of years we've been struggling to put money aside because so many things had been going on. Which is normal and most families around the globe have trouble with this as well. More money going out than coming in. 

Which is why we decided to try to focus on saving money in the year 2016. Just like everyone else we have bills to pay, bank loans to pay back, groceries to buy, and much more that needs to be covered before we can actually put money aside. After much consideration and talking things over with Hubby, I started using Pinterest to my advantage. I love that everything and anything can be found there and that's why I turned to it to help me find an easy and affordable way to save a small amount of money each month.

Enter chart : 

Hubby loved this idea but was really skeptical that we could actually pull this off. So, he asked me to give it a go and at the end of the year let him know how much I had saved up. So far it's working great. 

Each month, right at the beginning, I take out our BILLS TO PAY binder and grab my purse and head to the bank. Once, I payed all the bills I went ahead and added another category to my binder. Say hello binder to MONTHLY SAVINGS tab. 

I realized it would be much easier to set money aside if I right off the bat treated our challenge to save money like a bill that needed to be payed. After setting up an account, it's been working like a charm. Now I realize we're not that far into the year and it's going to get tougher each month to set aside the required sum. But my plan is to split up the expense so that I'll pay a half at the beginning of the month and a half at the end. That way there is a bit of time between so we can draw a breath before setting more money aside. But that's my plan for the months towards the end of the year. For now everything gets set aside right at the beginning.

Another thing we're doing is saving up our "small change". 

Yep, that's right. We're going at this with 100% dedication. We've jumped in with both feet.

Enter Second Chart: 

At the end of the day, the boys and I raid Hubby's and my wallet and count out the required change. Then we quickly let it plunk coin by coin into our savings jar. The boys love hearing the coins fall into the jar (almost as much as mommy!) and Baby J. loves being able to toss the coins in. Sadly, Baby VP is still a little too small to partake in this new routine.

I figured if we're going to challenge ourselves using big money let's challenge ourselves using our leftover change as well. The great thing is if we don't make it one day we have until the end of the row to get it all in. That's my ultimatum. Each row has to be crossed off by the required day. And if it so happens that we can cross off a few extra days too...well...way to go us!!

I love pinterest and now I love saving money too!

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