Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Whole Bunch Of Nothing And Something.

I haven't posted on my blog in such a long time it almost feels like visiting a stranger.

But not really.

Life here at The Everyday Mommy Headquarters has been FULL to the max. I mean I barely find the time to eat...and yet I somehow haven't lost any weight. Which worries me because I lost 10kgs in the first month and a half with Baby J. just by breastfeeding. Apparently pumping just can't get the same result for me which really REALLY stinks. I was looking forward to the weight loss. 

Anyways, besides not finding the time to eat, I've found that I possess a special talent. I don't need sleep. Or better said I need very VERY little sleep to function. Something that in a million years I would not have believed possible.

Remember how I used to complain that Baby J. would wake me at 5 a.m. and OMG how early that was...yeah I would give anything to have those five uninterrupted hours of sleep back. Now between pumping, breastfeeding (we do  a little of both), bottle feeding Baby J., and Baby VP's totally out there sleeping schedule, there are no hours left for me to really sleep.

Oh, I get a little bit of sleep between 12-2 a.m. but after that we enter 
no-mans-sleep-land. It's not a pretty zone.

But everything else is going splendid. Or as well as can be expected. Baby J. is starting to get over his dislike/fear/jealousy of the new baby. And Baby VP could really care less about everything around him as long as he's warm, feed, and comfy in his bassinet or in Mama/Daddy's arms.

We've also gotten around to celebrating (very small scale celebration) of Baby J.'s first birthday. I think we'll do something more special after we get back into a routine/rhythm of things. Yea, sadly we've had some things going on that have prevented us from finding a routine that works for our family. But we'll find it eventually. Also Baby VP turns 1 month old tomorrow. I'm so excited! I can't believe a whole month has come and gone already. Wow...time flies.

I'm hoping to find the time tomorrow to do a nice little post on Baby J. and his 1st year. And Baby VP and his 1st month.

If it won't happen tomorrow well it will sometime just as soon as I find some quiet and undisturbed time to myself. Which has been seriously lacking around here this past month.

Well, that's it for now. I know this isn't like my usual posts but it's definitely better than nothing. I apologize for the lack of complete thoughts, run on sentences, coma splices, random thoughts, and lack of sense. Once I get things back to some organized structure in our home, order shall be restored to my writing as well.

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