Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Have Survived Week One!

Oh my.

It has been an unbelievable week. Well, not so much unbelievable as I can't believe I actually survived it. Between the jealous fits and overwhelming love Baby J. has regarding Baby VP, the up in the air feeding/pumping schedule for Baby J. and I, and the nights spent begging my children to sleep...well it's been quite the week.

Let me tell you, coming home Monday was so liberating! I literally almost ran out of the hospital. Hubby kept telling me to slow down because he was having trouble hanging on to Baby J. who wanted to be let loose to walk on his own. Except that wasn't an option because after spending a little more than two weeks coped up in two different hospitals I was not going to slow down now that they were letting me free. I was much to scared they'd find something they'd overlooked concerning Baby VP and make us stay for another week.

So, yes coming home felt amazing.

Except the feeling didn't last very long. I was quickly reminded that I was now the mother of two little boys. One - Baby J.- who is filled with energy and hadn't gotten the chance to really get used to the idea of Mommy and Daddy having someone else they need to shower with attention...was a little jealous. The second- Baby VP- well, he could tell he was no longer in a familiar setting (the hospital) and put up a fuss the first two nights that had us begging him to calm down and just SLEEP!

Yea, how often do you hear of a newborn, particularly a preemie, who won't sleep? Not often. Trust me. I checked on pinterest, google, and facebook.

The first day home (Monday) we were pleasantly surprised to see Baby VP resting and sleeping so calmly in his bassinet. It made us have really high hopes that at least ONE of our children would be a good sleeper.

Yea right.

As soon as Hubby and I snuggled into bed and closed our eyes to drift off to sleep, Baby VP became wide WIDE awake.

He stayed that way from 10 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. . After he finally fell asleep at 3:30, I crashed silently...of course... into bed and prayed that Baby J. would not wake up early. My prayers were not answered. I had barely closed my eyes and Baby J. started whimpering and crying for "Mama". I tried a bottle, rocking him, walking with him, cuddling with him in bed ... nothing worked. Baby J. was wide awake and remained that way until 5:15 a.m.

By that time both Hubby and I were at our wits end and super sleepy. We were only too happy to hand over Baby J. and Baby VP (who was still sleeping soundly) to their grandpa ( who were visiting) and my younger brother. Hubby had to leave though early to run some errands so I was given the extra privilege of having the whole ENTIRE bed to myself for a precious two hours which I spent sleeping.

The second day home (Tuesday) was much like Monday. Baby VP slept well and ate well and Baby J. played with his uncle and grandpa and just had a jolly good time. Once again both Hubby and I were sure that the boys would sleep wonderfully since they had been so well behaved during the day. Once more our hopes were dashed to pieces.

Baby VP and Baby J. came wide awake around 11 p.m. and Baby J. stayed that way until almost 4 a.m. by that time I was ready to cry. I was so tired I kept drifting off to sleep while rocking him. Hubby had been so sweet as to ask me to retire to the living room with the boys and try to put them to sleep there because he had to go work on someones car the next day and he needed to wake up at 5 a.m. . I felt horrible that we were keeping him up and agreed.

In the end Baby J. finally fell asleep around 4 a.m. after many tears were shed. Most of them by me. I tend to cry when I'm overtired...weird I know. Baby VP though on the other hand held out until 5:10 a.m. Unbelievable I know. He would drift off to sleep every 15-20 minutes only to become wide awake after a few minutes.

I guess he was power napping.

Let's just say that once again as soon as my brother and dad were up and about they were saddled with the children and I headed off to sleep for an hour. Hubby's orders after I almost fell trying to get up from my spot on the sofa.

The last few days have been pretty much the same...or should I say nights? Either way they've been pretty much the same except that since the weather has cooled down a little Baby J. has finally managed to sleep through the night until 3-4 a.m. when he waked up demanding to be taken into our bed. Which I GLADLY do...anything to avoid a repeat of Monday and Tuesday night.

Baby VP has been a little more difficult. He still enjoys getting up for a few hours each night thus effectively reminding me that I am once more the Mommy of a newborn. A newborn who does not enjoy sleeping at night.

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