Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Side Note

Well, it has been well over a month since my last post.

So much has happened. I don't know if I'll ever be able to write out enough posts to cover everything.

On more recent news we are starting to get the hang of being a four people family. Life has been wonderful and at the same time tough. But mostly wonderful. And tough.

Baby J. has is turning 13 months this week and Baby VP turned 4 months today. My boys are growing up so fast. And lately I don't mind. I'm excited to see them bonding and getting to know one another more and more. It seems the older Baby J. gets the cuter he is. We love seeing him discover different things and gaining understanding about things around him and how they function.

Baby VP is also a joy to watch grow. He has started gaining an interest in the world around him. He has started doing a little baby talk, his smiles and grins are absolutely gorgeous, and he has started showing an interest in sitting up. Of course he doesn't sit up yet but I'm positive it's just around the corner.

Hubby still works at his shop and enjoys his job. Of course his job here at the mommy headquarters is also consuming a lot of his time but he's doing wonderfully at balancing the two. It warms my heart seeing him interact with our two little ones.

Myself...well I've been running all over the place. There have been financial things to take care of , the boys to care for, hubby to help with the remodeling we're doing...loads of various things have occupied my time.

I'm happy though to say that even though I didn't always get a chance to read of my book The Purpose Driven Journey everyday I am almost finished with it. I took plenty of notes so that once I get more time I can post about them on here.

Well, the boys are crying I'm going to wrap it up here.

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