Friday, October 30, 2015

Mommy Under Construction Continued

A while back I wrote a blog post about wanting to change some things about myself. Well, here's a quick update on that.

I have started by making some slight changes to my wardrobe. I bought some nice, light colored, comfy shirts. As well as some skirts. I love skirts so I was excited to buy some new ones. I even bought a really pretty poncho. I also went ahead and bought one pencil styled skirt. That's not something I usually ...Ok ok... never wear. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. And have found a new style I like.

My next stop is shoes. Seriously excited to buy a few pairs of those. And because I'm not pregnant I might just buy a pair of heels.

Another part of myself I want to work on is my weight. Touchy subject...I know. But its gotten to the point that I finally feel that this is no longer an option regarding losing weight but a must. My body was not meant to be this heavy and I want not only to feel good about myself but I want to be a healthy example for my children as well as live a long life alongside them and my husband.

I'll write more on that in my next post and I'll try to add some pictures of some of my favorite new clothes, as well.

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