Friday, October 14, 2016

It's Good To Be Back...For Good This Time

Well, it has been a few months since I last logged on to do a post.

And boy has time been flying. Seriously, this morning I asked my husband what he would like for me to pack for his lunch today for work. Instead of giving me a straight answer he laughed and told me it was Saturday. No work for him. Poor, confused me thought it was Thursday. I totally missed out on living through Friday.

I have to be completely honest though. It took all my willpower just to open up I love writing about our days and ideas that float through my head and lately I've just been lazy. 

There I've said it. I've been lazy on the writing front.

I do plan to change that though. I've been really diligent in jotting down ideas and writing out thoughts so that when I did get back from my blogging break I would be good to go.

And there are some special announcements involved as well. 

So without further ado, welcome back readers. 

I've missed writing for you.

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