Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wall Drawings And Good Sleeping.

Good day and good night to everyone!

It has been an absolutely amazing couple of nights at our house. What can I say besides that I am pretty positive that Toddler J. is finally getting the hang of this sleeping thing.

For the last couple of days and nights I have gotten the opportunity to finally understand what some of the other moms have been talking about. I have to be honest out of my two children zero of them have been "good" sleepers. But Toddler J.  has taken the prize so far sleeping horribly.

Until this week. 

This week something must have finally clicked with him because he has taken wonderful naps throughout the day AND slept through the night. It's true I sleep feed him a bottle of milk every night around 2 a.m. to prevent him from waking up because he's hungry. But that doesn't count against him.

It just means I really want to sleep past 5 a.m. even if only by half an hour.

I've also been keeping my word and have not allowed him to watch any more cartoons. He gets to watch the vlog updates that I like to keep up to date on but that's it. Plus it's only two vlogs that I follow and he loves one of them a lot because they include their sons in them.So the time that he spends watching can range from 18 minutes to 30 minutes tops.

I've also been teaching him different words and phrases. Helping him develop his creative side by providing crayons and white walls for him to color on. The white walls were not intentionally provided but since he has now pretty much covered three separate walls in drawings I see no point in getting into disagreements with him about coloring on them.

At least not until Hubby paints them white again.

I've also made sure he has stacks of paper and notebooks to draw in but he likes to do short doodles in them and then pretend that their reading materials. Not that he doesn't have plenty of those...he does...or did. Baby M. got into the books today and it broke my heart having to trash some of them because they were torn beyond recognition.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a quick and to the point...kinda update on the wonderful sleeping Toddler J. has been doing.  I'm hopeful that Baby M. will follow his lead soon.

And dare I say it? I think I do. I'm hopeful that one day soon I'll get to return to the land of the people that actually sleep the entire night away.

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