Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Memories: Just The Basics.

For today's post I'd do a quick general update of all my pregnancy appointments. Because I love seeing my babies on the ultrasounds and getting to take home pictures with them I opted to pay a one time fee. This not only ensured that I got to see the baby every time but that I also got to take home pictures and I got 2 extra appointments. 

Each appointment is basically the same. I get to enjoy (not really) peeing in a cup, this is then used to check for protein and sugar. Which thank God I've never had show up.

Afterwards I get weighed and have my blood pressure taken. Unfortunately my blood pressure has always been a bit higher than normal. I always become very nervous and excited the day of my appointment and it affects my blood pressure.  Because of this I have to take it once a week at home as well just to be sure everything is OK.  And it's always been fine at home.

My weight this time around has been great. I'm still overweight but with God's mercy I barely just started gaining weight at 6 and a half months. Up until now the scale hadn't moved. Even though baby has grown beautifully.

Not gaining weight until this late in pregnancy has made me VERY HAPPY! I was really worried about being huge and then becoming even bigger because of all the weight gain. But so far I've only gained 1.5 kgs. Which is absolutely perfect.

Afterwards I get my exam. Baby gets looked at and measured. My water and uterus get a look see. And of course the last two times were spent trying to see if baby is a girl or boy.

And just like my previous two pregnancies  there has been zero chance of identifying the gender. My boys only showed us that they were boys around 7 months. So I'm really excited about my upcoming appointment. Because by then I'll be 7 months and a week so yeah. Hopefully baby will play nice and finally give up its gender.

After the Dr is satisfied that everything is in order follows the next and final step. Which is getting my blood drawn. And if necessary a injection. The injection or vaccine whatever the technical term is given to me because of my -RH. This ensures that my body and baby are fine and if there are any bleedings for any reason that my body won't react in  a negative way.

So that's pretty much it. Each of my appointments has gone well so far and I've gotten to enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy so far. 

This post may not have been the most exciting...but in sure for any ladies that wonder how things go down at an appointment. Well it will be nice to know the basics.

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