Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vomit In The Master Bedroom.

It's happening...again.

Last weekend our smallest little one started throwing up his bottle...every single night.
And only at bedtime.

Then on Tuesday he started having a fever and by Thursday diahreea was added to the mix. Friday he started throwing up at random times during the day as well.
The entire time my heart broke for him because he's so small and I'd barely managed to help him gain some weight. It broke my heart to see him not wanting to eat because his tummy hurt.

Yesterday morning toddler J. woke up early (5:30a.m.) and came to our room. I quickly changed him and grabbed his bottle before letting him get into bed between his daddy and me. He loves getting to sleep between  us so I thought it would be a nice way to start the weekend .

It wasn't.

Toddler J. had barely finished his bottle and handed it to me before he started vomiting all over the bed and me. Hubby escaped being decorated. Our toddler hadn't thrown up in the longest time so it was a shocker to all three of us.

Now Baby M. is doing a little better. He still has a bad case of diahreea but I've noticed the amount of times he throws up and the quantity have both gone down. And he's only had a fever once yesterday right before bedtime.  I'm thinking this is an improvement.  Oh and he finally didn't throw up at bedtime. Thank you God.

Toddler J. has a much stronger stomach so he's only thrown up three times so far and the last two times it was a handful amount wise. Instead diahreea is pretty bad in his situation and he's been running a low grade fever all day.

I'm hoping the boys get over this stomach bug soon.  I hate seeing them sick . Their such lively boys filled with energy. It's really difficult to see them not wanting to run around .

But on the bright side....the cuddles are plentiful and oh so wonderful.

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