Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lessons In Sightseeing

I've got lots to write about just need to find the time.

These lasts couple of days we've spent entertaining our guests by taking them sightseeing.

We've also learned several lessons along the way amongst which was that we don't know the area around our home/town as well as we thought. But we did end up having a good time and we did get to see some very interesting things.
Another thing we've learned at The Everyday Mommy Headquarters is that if you have little children sightseeing is very difficult to do. It's something along the lines of "look at that great - do not touch that! Isn't that statue pretty? Now why are you crying? You want your lovely? No? Oh yes that must be really old - honey you better run after him he's making a break for it- I think they said its from 1945? "

Yep. Sightseeing  and everything else becomes just a tad more difficult to do PEACEFULLY when you have very active little children.

Also we learned that if you stay out until 11 AT NIGHT your baby will still wake up at 5 IN THE MORNING  and your toddler's routine will go down the drain.
Nothing beats a tired, cranky, and annoyed toddler without a routine.

We had a nice time with our friends and we enjoyed getting to visit places with them. But our toddler is ready to get back on to a schedule.

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