Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Mommy Is Under Construction.

Ever so often I get the urge to do something for myself. Just for me. Not for my sweet co-worker, the love of my life-also known as hubby. Not for the Boss-Baby J. and not for the Boss's helper- Baby VP.

Yes, call it selfish if you will but every once in a while I feel the need to allow myself some type of treat or reward for all the work I do. Usually this comes in the form of an outing to McCafe or buying myself something from the SALE rack. I've always been most happy knowing that I bought myself something AND saved money doing so.

Until recently.

Now don't misunderstand me. I'm still happy with buying things on sale. It's just that recently I took a long look at my closet and notices something worrisome. All my pre-marriage and pre-kids clothes (yes I'm one of those women who can't get rid of beautiful and in perfect condition clothing that just doesn't FIT anymore) are really pretty...even gorgeous. Then my other half - my after marriage and two children clothing is plain. No sparkles,no style, no WOW factor of any kind. These pieces of clothes are the perfect definition for MOMMY WARDROBE.

I wouldn't actually mind but after a conversation with Hubby...that ended with me in tears. He didn't make me cry but the realization that what he said was true did. One of my sister-in-laws mentioned how pretty my new haircut was and then in the same sentence told me how her husband always requires her to be dressed up. Doesn't yours Everyday Mommy? She asked.
Of course he does ... I said.

Except you see when she asked me I just happened to glance at what I was wearing. And I'm pretty sure washed out pyjamas is not dressed up. This wouldn't have been so bad had it been early morning but it was late afternoon and I had yet to change.

It was then Hubby walked in and I decided to ask him a question. Do you think I don't dress up enough; do I dress like an old woman? His answer hurt but yet because he was so sincere and sweet in trying to make me feel better it didn't sting as much. And after many reassurances that he didn't want me to take it like an insult, I knew he only meant to help and not purposefully hurt my feelings.

" Dear you do tend to dress in really dark colors. And well, frankly you look like your WAY older than you actually are. You could dress really pretty if you tried but you just don't. I think it might be because you're so tired from trying to keep up with the kids and the house. But I love you regardless of how you dress. You can wear your PJs all day it doesn't bother me. But I do like seeing you treat yourself just as special as you do us."

Man, that got me thinking and my next stop was my closet. As I mentioned before my after kids wardrobe is rather pitiful.

So I've decided to be a big girl and for once in my life spend some money on FULL priced clothing. Of course, if I just happen to find something cute on sale well...I'll just add that to my shopping cart as well.

So here's to a better me. :)

After all I'm a mommy of two sweet and handsome boys now and the wife of one handsome young man. I do believe that they deserve to have me at my best. And I deserve to be happy with myself and feeling good about myself.

Plus pyjamas are just not going to cut it anymore...Not that I won't enjoy wearing them on the occasional rainy day.

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