Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3000 Reads And A HUGE Thank You!

I am so absolutely thrilled!
I cannot believe it's actually happened.
It was such a huge surprise and such a big joy
to see my blog have 300 reads and then 600
and finally pass 1000 reads!
But to see that MY BLOG
my little corner of the internet has 
more than 3000 READS!
It makes me so so happy!
I'm sure all the exclamation points help
bring that point across.

So I want to say a huge HUGE THANK YOU!
To everyone whose ever stopped on by and read
something that I've written.
It means a lot to me to see that people actually
take a glance and occasionally a second
glance at my posts.

And since I realize that it's absolutely impossible for 
me alone to have clicked on my blog more than 3000 times
that confirms that I do have a few readers who check back
and others who come for short visits.
Which is why I want to kindly ask each one of my readers
(key word ASK...not force)
to leave a comment. Just so I can get the chance to know 
whose stopping by. 
So please it will only take like 2-3 minutes to leave a comment.
I even took down the spam check thing so it'll be 
easier leaving a comment.

Once more I want to say thank you! To everyone whose 
ever stopped on by and to those who keep on stopping by 
Thank You, THANK YOU for taking the time
to read my blog!

I'll stop now before I embarrass myself. :)

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