Monday, April 20, 2015

All About Lack Of Sleep

I am absolutely exhausted. 

Today was almost more difficult than a day filled with work is. 

Baby J. and I visited the hospital early EARLY this morning for my glucose test. Which if you've ever wondered is absolutely positively disgusting. It is a huge cup of some sugary drink that makes the stomach turn somersaults. It also has the potential to make you throw up if your stomach isn't very strong.

And oh boy, did I wish I could throw up during the time it took to do the test. I barely managed to choke down the drink and hold it in until two hours passed. But to be completely honest the first half-hour wasn't so bad just the last hour and a half were pure torture. 

Once we were done we came straight home because Baby J. was exhausted and overly whinny. Unfortunately, great-grandpa had one last visitor over before he left so Baby J.'s nap-time was put on hold.

Which let me tell you was not a good idea. The whining and crying was oh so very intense. It almost made me want to cry as well. After all, I was just as exhausted if not more.

Baby J. did end up getting an hour nap, but I am quickly coming to the conclusion that it wasn't enough. The continued whining is my main hint. Apparently, he's refreshed enough to continue protesting his lack of sleep in a very oh yes VERY loud voice.

What's somewhat funny is that between the fits of crying Baby J. will stop and kiss my cheeks and nose and forehead ... pretty much every part of my face. Then he'll stop the loving, scrunch up his nose, and let loose a high pitched whine before starting to cry. 

Oh the joys of messed up sleeping routines. 

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