Monday, April 27, 2015

Gender Reveal For Baby # 2

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, we at Everyday Mommy Headquarters have waited for quite a while to find out some really exciting news.

And the day finally came!! On April 24th we finally got to find out the gender of our Headquarters new Baby Vice President!!

Why not Baby President you ask? Because Baby J. loves being the man in charge.

But he's willing to allow the new baby in the house a healthy dose of authority.Just as long as he still gets to make the final decisions around here. Guess that means we're going to have to make some room for a Vice Presidents office pretty soon.

Anyway back to our exciting news BUT before I spill the beans. Let me just say that baby is healthy.Still sitting smugly head up - legs down. Baby also loves practicing some totally awesome and occasionally painful kickboxing moves in there. I wouldn't mind so much but my ribs are slightly bruised or at least feel like they are. I'm also sure the amount of drop-kicks Baby has been doing lately have quite literally obliterated my bladder because all kidding aside it seems that I have lost all measures of control.

And no that is not funny. Even though if Hubby were to be the blogging type of man I'm sure he would have quite a few "funny" stories to tell.

But he's not so lucky me! 

I am also doing well thank you my blog readers for asking. Yes, there has been some weight gain but so far I'm still way below what I should have gained. 3.5 kgs below just to be clear. I'm sure now that I've spilled that secret I'll probably have gained all that plus some by my next check-up.

Alright, now for the gender. Since obviously I can't have all my readers over for a gender reveal, I searched up some sweet photos on google image to tell if it's boy or girl.


the answer is...

Baby Vice President will be a boy and we are so very excited!!!

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