Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Please Fasten Your Seat Belts We're Ready For Take Off

I've read a lot of blogs. And I really do mean A LOT. Each has had it's own unique way of taking off. Some people jump right in with the story of the day, others prefer to give a short or in some cases long introduction of themselves and everyone important to the survival of the blog. Then, there is the remnant- people who are slightly intimidated by all the great blogs out there thought up by some truly brilliant minds. 

Can you guess which category I fall into? 

If you chose the remnant or terrified of falling short of my own expectations for this blog-you chose correctly. I'd give you a reward but I'm a tad bit short on cash at the moment. 

You see, my employer just asked me to buy him some more yogurt, crackers, oh and lets not forget diapers. He's totally out of the first two and really running low on the last. Yep, that's correct I said diapers and no I'm not referring to adult diapers.

My employer you see happens to be the cutest, sweetest, most loving almost nine month old on the planet, who shall from now on be referred to as Baby J. I couldn't ask for a better boss but I would definitely love an upgrade to my office. I mean there's nothing wrong with writing and paying bills from the dining room table but just something about sitting myself down to work at it reminds me of being 8 years old and doing my homework. 

My colleague would like an introduction as well. He's not around much for diaper duty but he sure enjoys taking over evening playtime and definitely loves participating in Sunday afternoon nap-time. I'd like for everyone who will ever read this blog to meet Mr. Husband also fondly called Hubby by me.

I guess that pretty much covers the introduction. Anything else that has been forgotten will for sure be mentioned in one blog post or another. 

So, for anyone tuning in to this blog please fasten your seat belts we're ready for takeoff. No promises of dangerous adventures but there might be the occasional air turbulence with just a hint of whinny, definitely some funny, and more often then not just the tales of an everyday mommy.

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