Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cleanliness Comes Through The Use Of Elbow Grease

Thursday was a day of cleaning and putting the apartment in as much of a perfect order as possible.

No. I am not a perfectionist. 
But that doesn't mean I don't want to see my home as clean and orderly as possible.

I mean just check out the before picture of our laundry/storage room.

Can you see the obvious? IT'S A MESS!!

Oh yes, that is what it looked like folks. I am extremely ashamed of it but I am pretty positive that posting this on here will help me keep things in better order.

Unfortunately, for that tiny space we had A LOT of things that needed a home. Somehow they all found their way here. From dirty laundry to cleaning supplies and even to some of Hubby's tools, they all ended up here.

Well, after walking in on that pitiful situation on Monday I decided it was time to get a healthy does of organization going in this household. Of course, being the genius Everyday Mommy that I am, I first googled organization methods and tools and google lead me to Pinterest. 

Oh yea, Pinterest has become a large part of my life in less than a week. I ended up searching through various examples for the most complete spring cleaning list possible and found this wonderful list . Absolutely love it. It definitely works wonders just look at the after pictures below. Of course, just printing out the list won't help you'll need to apply some elbow grease to get things done right. 

Doesn't it look much better?

So, that started my Thursday cleaning. I followed through on everything that was on the list and was very pleased with the results. Another fine before and after example is my linen closet...just check out the before and after pictures.



Just looking at the pictures makes me happy.

And so, Thursday and Friday passed with me cleaning and organizing everything in sight. All the while applying generous doses of elbow grease to anything that needed it.

Baby J. was somewhat put out because he got a little less attention but even he got in the mood when mommy gave him his own box to fill with his toys.
But let's be serious, he LOVED tipping everything out of the box much more.

Today, we're getting to focus on cooking and baking.

But nothing was able to compare with waking up this morning to a wonderfully clean home. 

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