Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday's Blue Sky And Great-Grandpa


That's the only word I can think of to describe today. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. Such a bright blue sky, a few tiny little white clouds, the sun shining brightly, and a soft breeze.

Sundays are among my favorite days. I get to spend time with my Hubby with no stress. Each Sunday, Hubby takes Baby J. for 30-60 minutes after Baby J. wakes up so that I get to actually...GASP....sleep in!!! If you can call sleeping till 7:30 A.M. sleeping in. Then we start our regular routine. Baby J. and I get breakfast going or we kindly let Hubby know that a stop at the bakery is in order. Chocolate donuts have a way of calling my name even from a very long distance away.Afterwards we all start getting ready for church. Which we love and enjoy. 

Today was extra special. Baby J.'s great-grandfather was here visiting us and since he's a preacher we got the joy of hearing one amazing sermon. 
We loved seeing Baby J.'s excitement when he saw his grandpa up front getting ready to speak. And to be completely honest he wasn't the only one excited, Hubby and I were too.

After church we had lunch with some friends and oh the stories great-grandpa can tell. Some of them had us with our mouths hanging wide open in disbelief and others had us in stitches. 

Once we arrived home, great-grandpa went to rest for a little while; so Hubby, Baby J. and I all tossed ourselves on our comfy bed and rested as well. Hubby and I got to have some play time with little Baby J. and we had such fun playing tickle games. 

We got to talking and I asked Hubby " Could you imagine reaching great-grandpa's age and seeing your oldest child turn 51 years old? 51! That's past the half-way mark." We then turned to look at our babbling little boy and ended up sharing a laugh together. He's so small, 51 years old that's forever away. 

I'm so glad Baby J. has gotten to meet his great-grandpa. It warmed my heart to see him play with his great-grandpa, I loved every moment they had together. Baby J. and his great-grandpa did as well.

We're going to be really sad to have to say good-bye tomorrow when great-grandpa has to leave to go back home.

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