Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blah, Who Needs Sleep? It's Way Overrated!

Today started off as a wrong-foot forward kind of day. 

Baby J. decided he had enough sleep somewhere around 4A.M. and since he absolutely loves his mommy so SO much he also made sure to wake me up with loads of giggles and kisses. Now, I don't mind the kisses or even the giggles. What I do mind is that this was all happening at 4A.M.!
The world is still sleeping at that time and we should have been as well. Of course, I tried all the mommy tricks that I could think up. 

First, I gently hushed him and tried offering the pacifier. A firm shake of the head and some more giggles let me know that wouldn't work. Next, I sat up took him into my arms and tried rocking back and forth while humming a soft tune. Once again, a few pinches to my cheeks and some giggles at my "OUCH!" pronounced this try a fail. Then, I stood up and paced the length of the room while still humming...another fail. Finally, I headed to the kitchen with a very awake Baby J. grabbed a bottle of milk and headed back to the bedroom. The warm milk did the trick. He immediately started getting drowsy and we got to lay in bed for another 30 minutes while he took his sweet time drinking his bottle. Best 30 minutes EVER!! 

What stunk was the fact that all the above tries took me around 30 minutes so by the time the bottle was empty it was only 5A.M. and Baby J. was still half-asleep and getting to the dangerous point of fully awake. 
Again the rocking and humming was tried and the pacifier was offered and thank goodness he fell asleep.

In my still half-asleep mind frame I decided not to risk the switch from our bed to the crib but to let him sleep with me. It worked well, until Baby#2 decided to practice some kicks and punches and landed some under Baby J.'s hand that was on my belly. I came fully awake when the screaming started. Apparently, it is of topmost importance to start screaming when your yet-to-be-born brother kicks your hand. 

So, 5:15 A.M. welcomed us with open arms. 

Ever since then Baby J. has been having trouble sleeping. His morning nap lasted about 15-20 minutes instead of the regular hour and a half. His afternoon nap also lasted about an hour instead of the usual two hours. 

What is happening to his sleep??? Any ideas?

I can't keep this schedule up, it's been pretty bad sleep wise ever since he hit 3 months old. But we both got used to the wacky schedule and have managed to survive. So, why the sudden change in his sleeping schedule?

 I'm actually praying we'll return to our regular schedule by tonight but I'm not holding my breath.

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