Friday, April 24, 2015

Looking Back...

This week has been unbelievably busy and filled with stress.

And stress is a big no-no for pregnancy. Yet, is there really a way to completely avoid it? 

We started the week off great on Monday but once Wednesday and the stress got going.

Tuesday was spent trying to clean up the house as much as possible. We also spent a wonderful chunk of our time playing in the community park. Baby J. loves the swing and a big portion of our time was spent on it. We also tried out the slide but he's still a little to young and small to enjoy it the way its meant. Make no mistake, we still had us a good time sliding down it but only from the middle since any higher would have caused me to have to let go of him. 

Tuesday was also the day Baby J. turned 9 months old. Our little baby is getting closer and closer to his first birthday. We, hubby included, had a wonderful evening of relaxing on the couch with Baby J. and talking about our memories of Baby J.'s first minutes in this world and then the days that followed. We laughed and I'll admit I shed a few tears as well at the wonderful memories we were granted the grace to create and share together with our little bundle of joy. 

Wednesday showed itself as a bright and beautiful morning but sadly the events that followed took out some of the joy of the day. Actually, it was mostly just a single letter that came in the mail that caused us unnecessary stress. You see, no one here at Everyday Mommy Headquarters enjoys big bills. Especially when we've been trying to save money. After several stress filled phone calls to the company that sent us the bill, it was determined there was nothing we could do except pay it. So, I did and in the one moment all that stress was gone.

Of course, each day has its own problems and so Thursday found us with another letter from the phone company. It too wanted to get a hefty chunk of money out of us. After another series of phone calls, Hubby and I decided this was ridiculous so we wanted to talk to someone regarding this bill because the explanation for the amount due that we received was definitely not good enough.

Which brings us to today. After an early visit with a person that was able to give us some insight into what we could do about this bill; Baby J. and I decided to stop for a milkshake and cookie for me and a nice soft pretzel for him. Our walk home was nice for a good part of it but then Baby J. got really tired of sitting in his stroller so he put up such a fuss I had no choice but to carry him the rest of the way.

Which didn't sit well with Baby J.'s sibling-in-the-making who started kicking up a storm. The situation had me in tears from laughing...and caused me to get quite a few weird looks from strangers.

But in the end who really cares what strangers think? 

I prefer enjoying life and laughing than living a life filled with the worry of what everyone around thinks of me.

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