Saturday, April 25, 2015

Avoid Texting The Grocery List.

Baby J. is currently napping, so I thought I'd do something useful with my time.

We here at Everyday Mommy Headquarters have fallen in love with becoming more and more organized. Now, it's completely true that some of us (hint: Baby J.) enjoy emptying the toy box and pulling shoes off the shelf much more than participating in a good cleaning session. That's perfectly fine for now, but the day is coming when my little baby will no longer be so little and pulling shoes off the shelf will no longer be acceptable around here.

Today after Baby J. fell asleep Hubby was so kind to offer to go grocery shopping which lead to the following conversation.

Hubby: Need anything from the store?

Me:Yes, can you grab something to write out the list?

Hubby: (looks around the room) There's nothing to write on, why is there nothing to write on around here?

Me: Never mind I'll text it to you.

Hubby: Sounds good hopefully I won't forget to check my messages. 

So, right after Hubby left and I managed to sneak away from Baby J.'s side I grabbed the laptop and got busy with my first of hopefully many more such projects. 

I had fun doing this and plan to print out several such copies to make a miniature pad of them. I'm also going to pin them to the kitchen command center and that way we'll always know where they are. 

Now please do keep in mind this is my first time making something like this so I stuck to the phrase "less is more" when I made it. But time and practice I'm sure will have me turning out some really nice stuff. I did want something pretty on there as well so that's were the flowers came in.

Well, I hope you all who are silently reading my blog get to enjoy this Grocery List as much as I will. We definitely needed something like this to help keep us organized when it comes to making grocery lists. We unfortunately, developed the bad habit of sending texts to each other with items that needed to be bought in hopes that one of us will remember the whole list or at least check their phone for it. Let's just say more often than not that method failed completely. Which is why I'm so excited about trying this out and hopefully it will replace the text method completely.

Feel free to print it out. 

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