Monday, June 22, 2015

Being The Best Mommy I Can Be.

Yesterday Baby J. turned 11 months old!

I know I say this lots but my how time has flown by! My arms are no longer holding a newborn instead they're filling up with an almost toddler! In my heart and mind he will always be my little baby.

So many people love to tell me that it's time for him to get more independent. That I should stop holding/carrying him so much. That there is no need for me to cuddle him as often as I do. That there is no need for me to hug and kiss him as much as I do.

I choose to ignore these people.

Pretty soon my little Baby J. will be squirming from my arms to run around and play with the other children. Not long from now he'll learn to do more and more by himself and will need me less and less to help him. I can see the time coming were my baby boy will no longer feel the need to cuddle with mommy and will ask me to stop embarrassing him so much by kissing him in front of his friends.

That's why I cuddle, kiss, and spend as much time with my baby as I can right now. Because time flies and I want to have as many of these "ordinary" special moments with Baby J. as possible.


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    1. Hi Veronica! Thank You for stopping by! Hope you'll continue to do so!