Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Everyday Mommy Is Reporting Back For Duty!

It has been so unbelievably busy around here. All, I want to do is lay down in bed and sleep for a week. No, make that two weeks! Or at least just get to do nothing for two weeks if sleeping that long isn't possible.

Baby J. and I have been gone everyday for the last six days from home. Each morning we would get dressed, get the diaper bag ready, grab the stroller and keys, and head out the door. We spent every day either translating (well by we I mean me), visiting store sales, or keeping appointments at the dr.'s. These six days were probably the most tiresome days we've had in a LONG time. It didn't help that we never made it back before Baby J.'s noon-time nap. All these outings really threw his napping schedule out the window.

But no more. At least for another week. 

We finally get to stay home and try to get back on track with the napping. As well as the cooking. Oh, and let's not forget about the cleaning. Boy, has that last one really been pushed aside! 
Let's just say my home, well it looks like a tornado tore through it. My hands are actually itching to get things cleaned up and put back into their rightful places. I seriously considered taking a few pictures of my kitchen just to get the point across...but it's way to embarrassing!

I'm not exactly a clean freak but I do like seeing my house in a nice tidy order. It allows me to relax knowing that everything is put into its rightful place and that everything is clean.

So here's a list of all that I want to get done today:

  • empty/load dishwasher
  • clean the sink
  • take out trash
  • sweep & mop kitchen floor
  • clean the countertops
  • put shoes away
  • put winter jackets away & bring out the light sweaters
  • put Baby J.'s toys & books away
  • wipe down furniture for dust
  • wipe down dining room table
  • vacuum & mop everywhere
  • change sheets in guest bedroom & master bedroom
  • do ALL the laundry :( 
  • put away clean laundry 
  • clean windows
Alright, now let's be real. I know I probably won't be able to get through my entire list today so I'm allowing myself until tomorrow evening to get everything done. I'll make sure to do a quick "progress" post. I love the fact that my blog is keeping me accountable

But I have to admit most of all I just want to get back to blogging. I am absolutely serious when I say I really and truly missed jotting down my ideas, thoughts, and stories in my blog!!

So, while Baby J. is napping I'm going to go and get the kitchen done. I'll probably leave off the mopping until tomorrow. I like to mop after everything else is done. 

Wish me luck! I feel like I'm going to war against my own house! HA!

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