Friday, June 5, 2015

Registering With Brands & Welcome Packages.


One of the things I love most during this time in my pregnancy is the fact that I get to register for some of my favorite baby brands and receive small samples of their products. 

I love seeing the cute little "Welcome" packages in the mail! Recently, I registered both Baby J. and Little VP for the baby brand Hipp. This is a wonderful brand and their products not only look nice but are priced reasonably. 

I also love the fact that every couple of months they send out a sweet little package for the Baby & Toddler. So, Baby J. will soon be receiving his package to celebrate turning one year old (my gosh, does time fly!) in a few months and Little VP has received his first package this week. Even though he's not here yet I loved opening the "Welcome" package! Besides very useful pamphlets about breastfeeding and what to expect when Baby VP arrives there were also some little samples and a toy for the Baby in the box!

Little VP received a
 Baby Bath Shampoo & Baby Rash Cream

There was also a little toy rattle in the box!
There are a few other brands I love as well such as Pampers, MAM, Aptamil, and so on. I love that their websites provide both pregnancy as well as weekly/monthly updates on baby & toddler. And occasionally they send out samples of their product or notify you of a sale that will happen in your area. 

Another thing I love is that a lot of stores in our area allow you to update your store club-card with new family information if there's a need. Which was great because I finally got around to registering both Baby J. and Little VP. This lead to one of our favorite store from which I buy items like diapers, wet wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and so on to notify me that they had a "Welcome" package set aside for Baby J.! I was absolutely thrilled! 

So, on the following trip into town I went and picked up the package. And Baby J. and I loved opening it! There were a few things in the box but Baby J.'s favorite was the little story book. 
We were also told that once Little VP arrives he'd receive his own little "Welcome" package as well. Isn't that just totally neat?

Baby J. received a Book, Bib, Bottle, Wet Wipes,
Hand & Face Wipes, And A Diaper Rash Cream Sample!
Of course, the store also decided to share some "coupon love" with the Mommy as well! Which is great, I get to choose one item of my choice and received 25% off! I can't wait to use it...still trying to decide between a new body lotion, bath set, or perfume. 

Do stores in your area offer great "Welcome" packages as well? Did you receive anything special for your little one after registering for a loved brand? Which brands are some of your favorites?


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