Friday, June 19, 2015

Memory Compression Stockings Have Arrived!

Remember this...All About Varicose Veins ?

Well, guess what arrived in the mail on Wednesday afternoon? I did say I would let you all know just what I think about them!

I was so excited to open the pretty little package! I love how the box closes magnetically and how easy it is to store the compression stockings ( or pantyhose whichever you prefer) in it. The box came with the easiest instructions EVER! I'm glad to say I haven't had any trouble understanding or following them. It also included a little pamphlet that let me know of other style and color choices that MEMORY Compression Pantyhose have to offer. I'm still not to sure what that white band is for but so far I haven't needed to use it.

The pantyhose are very comfortable. It's absolutely true that they're EXTREMELY tight and the first day I tried them on I had to take them off because I couldn't stand the tight feeling. Today though I took them on first thing in the morning without getting out of bed and have so far been wearing them for the last 6 hours. They haven't bothered me once. Actually, I forgot for a short time that I was even wearing them! Of course the slippery kitchen tiles reminded me right quick.

What I really like the most is that the company gave me the option of getting a "pregnancy" version of the stockings. Which means that I was able to get a larger size on top to accommodate my bump. Which is great since I was worried that my bump was going to be squished to pieces but instead the top of the pantyhose are nice and elastic as well as a little larger so that I can wear these until the end of my pregnancy. 

How neat is that?

Another thing that I didn't know but I'm totally thrilled about is the long lasting material these are made from. The pamphlet said that if the pantyhose are used daily as well as washed every other day their lifetime is of more or less 6 months. If you only need to wear the pantyhose for a short time (like myself) and you still wash them every other day or at the very least once a week (I'm going with twice a week - laundry days) they should last up to 3 years!! Of course it does mention that they need to be stored away during the time that you are not using them in the box that they came in.

I'm thinking that so far these Compression Pantyhose were definitely worth the money I spent on them. And if they do their job of keeping my beginning varicose veins under control, well I'll be very VERY happy.

Can you tell just how thick these pantyhose are?
I also think Baby J.'s play carpet adds a nice
background. LOL

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