Thursday, June 4, 2015

Starting Of Small In The Decorating World.

Recently, I stumbled upon this great blog written by Alex Gladwin and I have loved reading through her older posts as well as the newer ones. 
Reading and seeing the amazing way she decorates her home and makes it not only beautiful but comfortable got me thinking - about decorating my own home.

I love my home very much but I haven't done all that much for it in the way of decorating. I mean we have some random sentimental things placed (tastefully mind you) around the house but's bare. 

So, I started searching through some of my favorite stores to see if they had any home decorating items on sale and found some cute stuff. Since I don't want to bankrupt our account all at once I only bought two things. Alright, I bought three things BUT two of them actually go together. So, technically that means I only bought two...right?

I love this notepad and pencil combination. I got them for a few cents! We decided to place it on the fridge since it had magnets on the back. It works out really nicely because Hubby and I both use the kitchen plenty so it's nice to see a note from Hubby or to leave one from him. And the fridge is the perfect place for this since we use it quite often!

I absolutely love seeing
 this notepad & pencil
on my fridge!
These candle holders & candles go together.
The candles have the most delicious vanilla smell ever!

Our bookshelf is starting to look nicer, not just plain books anymore but now it also has something decorating it. I love seeing these candle holders on it. Plus, the word 'HAPPY' and those vanilla scented candles make me calm down and smile every time I pass by them.

I have to say these are definitely some of my favorite things around our home! I cannot wait to add a few other things as well. Just as soon as they go on sale, I'll be snatching them right up!
I absolutely love these. With or without the candles in them.
They've found a nice home on our bookshelf.

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  1. Nice items! Thank you so much for linking up with Thursday Favorite Things this week!