Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wishes Do Come True!

Meet our little blue hippo from Chicco!
Actually he's not all that little but a fairly nice size and he entertains Baby J. during bath time.

We absolutely love him. Especially Baby J. , he finds him so entertaining and loves to splash around in the tub while listening to the three different songs and several different noises that the little blue hippo makes. This little blue hippo was among Baby J.'s first official toys that he received as a gift from some friends and ever since - well - it's been love at first sight!

It has now become an official bath time tradition to set the hippo in the tub as soon as the water starts running. Baby J. loves hanging on to the side and watching the tub fill up while the hippo sings or grumbles away. As soon as the tub is filled with the right amount of water Baby J. joins his hippo and immediately grabs for him so that he can play with him. Hubby loves watching the two of them interact and it's not been just once when he's told me "Dear, during my childhood the coolest toy I owned was a wooden duck on wheels."
I always laughed and asked him if he's jealous. Until now he's never answered but just laughed along with me. All that changed a few days ago at bath time.

Oh yes, I have another bath time story for you, my readers. 

Like I mentioned above we have a new bath routine and it's working great. We all are happy with it and so far I haven't been pooped or peed on. This time around we ( Hubby and I) worked quickly to get Baby J. through bath time because the weather outside was rather nasty and it was slightly cooler in our home than usual. I really wasn't fancying Baby J. catching a cold so we hurried through our routine. I had just finished rinsing off Baby J. when Hubby decided to stand him up in the tub so that I could wrap him in a towel. It was at that moment that Baby J. fulfilled my wish. Oh yes, I had a slightly mean wish...I have been wanting Hubby to experience getting peed on.

And Baby J. finally decided to help me get my wish. At first Hubby didn't even notice but then that wet and warm feeling must have registered because he started squealing (yes he squealed!! Like a girl...but pssshh don't tell him I said that!) and waving his arms around yelling "OH NO!

I almost collapsed from laughter. Oh how I wish I could have filmed this particular moment. It was almost too good to be true. Well, after all was said and done with getting Baby J. wrapped up in a towel and out of the bathtub, Hubby decided he wanted to take a bath as well. So, like any normal person I decided to drain the tub and fill it with fresh water...you know a peace offering for laughing so hard at him having been "HIT!". 

As I'm bending over to grab Baby J.'s little blue hippo out of the bath I couldn't believe it when I heard Hubby say,"Step away from the tub and leave the hippo in it."

To which I asked the only thing possible "WHY?".

"Baby J. isn't the only one who likes having someone sing for them during bath time. It makes bath time more fun."

Ladies and gentlemen, I was left speechless. Hubby actually had the little hippo sing all the way through his bath time.

The phrase "I'm a child at heart"....apparently really applies to my Hubby. Looks like Baby J. isn't the only one who loves a fun bath time apparently certain adults at The Everyday Mommy Headquarters do too!

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  1. What a funny story! Kids really do bring out the the kids in adults! I haven't taken a bath in a long time but I imagine it would be so much fun with toys! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp