Saturday, June 6, 2015

Time For A Progress Report & Challenge

Today's the day! I decided to do a quick "progress report" on my cleaning. And I am super proud of myself to be able to say that I got everything on my list except for window cleaning done. I didn't get around to the windows because thundershowers were announced and there really is no point in cleaning them only to have the rain mess up my hard work later. 

But I did get everything else done! I even went ahead and re-organized a few cabinets in the kitchen.

I'm very pleased with the results!

Also, since we're on the topic of a clean kitchen I would love to mention a challenge that I've undertaken for the month of June. The Clean Sink Challenge  was thought up by Laura from i Heart Planners. She has some really cool and totally awesome stuff on her blog. Make sure to check it out thoroughly! Anyways, she challenged myself and all of her other followers & subscribers to clean our dishes the night before for an entire month. That way when we (that means every mommy that has undertaken the could be included just JOIN!) wakes up the following morning the sink is clean! One less thing we busy moms have to do each day if we can just do it the night before.

So, like I mentioned I too joined the challenge. And I will be completely honest out of the 6 days of June that have passed so far, I managed to clean the dishes 4 nights in a row. The last two nights were busy and I was so exhausted that the thought of loading the dishwasher had me running to bed! No excuse I know, just plain old laziness on my part.

But I firmly believe that the old saying "If At First You Don't Succeed Try,Try Again." became popular for a reason. So, I will keep on trying. And hopefully the other 24 nights will be a success!

Below is my kitchen and the two drawers I got organized. I'm starting to feel more and more inspired to get everything into it's rightful place...must be early nesting.

My Kitchen. Hubby Installed It And Did The
Beautiful Tile Background All By Himself!

I Love How Clean My Sink Is!!

After Taking Everything Out & Wiping It Clean
The Re-Organizing Took Only A Few Minutes.

My Plastic Container Drawer & Other Small Kitchen Items.
All The Containers Missing Their Tops Got Trashed And
The End Result Is Oh So Neat!

Will you be joining the "Clean Sink Challenge" for this month?

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