Friday, June 19, 2015

Time Flies So Buy Some Heavy Duty Earplugs.

I cannot believe how fast time flies.

In just two days from today little Baby J. will be 11 months old. How did that happen?
Hubby and I had a rare moment of just the two of us yesterday after Baby J. finally went to sleep and we spent the time just talking about our little bundle of joy - Baby J.
We were both shocked when we cast a look at our cellphone planner and noticed that the 21st was only two days away.That meant that the little sweetheart that has filled our life with so much joy and happiness was once again getting one month closer to his first birthday. One month closer to having been a part of our family for an entire year.

Wow. It left us speechless and we grinned at each other at the realization that we had been parents for almost an entire year! And the baby managed to did we! That's a big BIG accomplishment in my book. We ended up getting up from the dinner table and stealing quietly into our bedroom were Baby J. sleeps in his own little crib. We stepped into the room together and just watched him sleep peacefully. Throughout these almost eleven months that Baby J. has been a part of our family hubby and I have developed this small habit of just occasionally watching him sleep and saying a quick but heartfelt blessing over him.

It's not creepy, I think it's an adorable habit we've formed. I actually have seen some of the most gorgeous little smiles light up Baby J.'s face while he's been sleeping and we've even caught him laughing in his sleep a few times! Sweet dreams anyone?

After we spent a few minutes just hugging each other and whispering about how gorgeous and sweet he looks as he sleeps we left the room just as quietly as we entered. We quickly finished up our dinner and then it struck both hubby and myself. If Baby J. has a little over a month left to go to turn the big ONE YEAR old ...well that meant that little Baby VP had a little over a month left to join our family!

Que, the panicked look on Hubby's face. It was priceless! I had a good laugh about it but he looked downright worried. So, when I asked him what was wrong , well his answer left me in tears from laughing so hard!

"I'm trying to think of where I can go to buy some heavy duty earplugs, I mean these normal ones are barely doing the job for when Baby J. starts crying and screaming. They'll never be able to block out the noise when there's two kids screaming their lungs out. How will I be able to sleep then?"

I'll be the one waking up to calm down the two little ones when they cry but Hubby's the one worried about losing sleep.

Ah, married life.

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