Sunday, May 17, 2015

Flowers And Time Apart.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Baby J. and I enjoyed a short trip to the local grocery and then came the long way home. All because the sun was out shining and the sky was so blue you wouldn't believe it.

We had also made a quick stop on the way home to pick some gorgeous little flowers. You know, the ones that you notice growing wild in the grass all over the place. We actually had strangers stopping to stare at us. Guess they never saw a mommy and her little boy having so much fun making a tiny little bouquet out of everyday flowers. Hmm, how fitting everyday flowers for an everyday mommy.

Aren't they beautiful? I love them maybe twice as much because I got to pick them with Baby J.

Today was also very exciting. Even though the weather changed dramatically overnight and we had clouds and wind all day. After several days apart Hubby finally returned from his trip. We missed him so much while he was gone but the excitement and joy that radiated off of little Baby J. at seeing his dad walk in the door will forever be etched in my memory. His smile was so big and the way he reached out his arms to be grabbed up in a hug by Hubby was exceptionally sweet. It brought tears to my eyes.

This was the first time Baby J. and I have had to spend time without Hubby. I thought for sure the little one wouldn't really notice his dad's absence as strongly if I kept to his normal routine and filled the evenings that he usually spends playing with Hubby with other activities. How wrong I was. I couldn't believe it when the first evening rolled by and as soon as it got dark outside Baby J. started crawling towards the front door. Every couple of paces he would shout out "Daddy come! Daddy!" I thought my heart would break in two. 

I did my best to divert his attention and it worked up until bedtime. Every night before he goes to sleep Hubby spends a few minutes kissing and cuddling our son. Then he hands him over to me to be feed his bottle and put to sleep. That first night Baby J. cried up a storm when there were no hugs and kisses from Hubby. I tried cuddling and kissing him but he wouldn't have it. Instead he kept lunging for Hubby's side of the bed and crying out "Daddy Come!". I ended up rocking a crying little boy to sleep and then kissing away his tears while mine rolled down my cheeks.

I never knew my heart could hurt so much. 

The second, third, and even fourth evening were just as bad. There was plenty of crying and shouting for his daddy to come that it made my heart break over and over. Then when he heard the bell ring today I have never seen him army crawl his way to the door that fast. The minute he reached the door he started patting it and shouting "come, mama, come. Daddy come!" It was the fourth time my little boy has said mama. And actually referred to me.

I'm sure by now you have a mental image of just how joyous their reunion was. Then after spending a few minutes kissing, hugging, and patting his Daddy's cheek Baby J. received an extra surprise. He heard a voice that he loves very much and the squeals of delight that accompanied him seeing his Grandpa were such a treat to see. 

In the end we all enjoyed a lovely evening watching Baby J. practice walking back and forth between the two favorite men in his life. Daddy and Grandpa. Oh, did I mention Baby J. has taken his first steps during Hubby's time away? Yep, he sure has. And he's been very diligent about practicing at every chance. Which means I am constantly rushing to his side to keep him from falling on his face. 

But it's worth it. Soon, my little Baby will be walking. 

How fast time flies.

Has your little one ever reacted so strongly to you or your husband being gone for a longer period of time? How did you deal with their reaction?

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