Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rain Already!!

The weather it is evil.

Seriously, if not evil then at the very least it has decided to make me look the fool.

Yesterday, I spoke with a very sweet lady from our church about going over this morning to visit her and her newborn baby. We agreed 10:30-11 A.M. would be perfect for a short visit and we hung up.

Today I woke up to a wonderful but totally untimely rainshower. It rained from 5:50 A.M. to 8o'clock. Of course somewhere around 7:30 the rainshower became an all out thunderstorm and rain was pouring out of the sky like someone had turned the faucet on to full power.

So what did I do? 

I wrote that dear lady a text letting her know I couldn't come visit in such weather because I travel mainly by foot and we would be soaked dared we attempt to visit. Then I made myself a cup of tea, put Baby J. down for a nap, popped some popcorn and decided to catch up on my blog reading.

About five minutes into a rather insightful post, I noticed the quiet. Looking up, I literally gasped. The sun was shining and no rain. NONE. WHATSOEVER. 

You, know what this means right. She probably checked her message about two minutes AFTER it stopped raining and then thought...huh, can't visit cause of the weather huh? 

It's not fair. Why did it have to stop raining? Now, I look like a lazy old fool. Oh jeez, I'm going to have to call and explain. 

But I'm going to keep hoping it starts raining again. 10 A.M. would be good time for it to start. That way I can say:

"See, it's raining. I didn't lie."

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