Thursday, May 21, 2015

Real Time Talk

Today I wanted to take some time and discuss my blog with you- my readers. 
I spent some time today re-reading some of my posts. Each one to me is special in its own way. But I also realize that not everyone is interested in reading about a mommy's lack of sleep or organizing things around the house. This is the reason for why I decided to keep my blog open to a variety of subjects. Subjects that all revolve around being a mommy. 

I want my blog to be a place were fellow mommy's and mommy's-to-be can stop by and find useful information as well as a story that will bring a smile to their face. From personal experience I can say that it is so encouraging and motivating to read about another mom that has struggled to get through the day because of the lack of sleep at night, it makes you realize that "hey I'm not the only one going through this." 

For many new moms life becomes a struggle of trying to juggle everyday activities. This is why I started my blog. I wanted other moms to know their not alone in falling behind in household chores, being puked and peed on, or just trying to find the perfect balance. Their not alone in this and neither am I. 

I realize my blog is still just in the beginning stages. There is so much room for growth and improvement. I don't mind that thought at all instead I embrace it. The Everyday Mommy Blog is meant to be a place of inspiration, a place that provides encouragement and understanding, that brings along ideas and resources to help others. But mostly, it is a place were you can pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and read a real-life story about a real-life mommy trying to deal with real-life situations. Situations that range from diaper explosions to loving cuddles.
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So, because I want to keep my blog open to different things and as I mentioned I want to help provide moms with the resources and ideas they need, I did some research. Which lead me to this amazing site called . It's basically a website that allows bloggers to get into contact with a variety off brands. You get the chance to promote these brands and also earn a little bit of money along the way. 

Believe me every cent counts when you're a stay-at-home mom with a growing family.

I was absolutely thrilled when they accepted my application and I was given the opportunity to do try my hand at promoting this amazing website . Go ahead and check it out... you'll be amazed at everything they offer and the great prizes, plus shipping is free on any purchases over $49.

Anyways, I love the idea that I can now help my readers even more by checking out different opportunities and reviewing various products. Once, I am firmly convinced that this would be not only interesting but also beneficial to know I can share it with you via my blog or other social media options.

It's really gotten me excited to find things to share with you guys.

But here's the deal, so to say, I can share it with you but what I am really hoping for is some feedback. I would love to see that someone - anyone has commented on my post. Not just on the ones like the one I did for but also on posts like Flowers And Time Apart or From Me To You:Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Baby . 

One of my greatest wishes for this blog is to see it become a place were my readers interact with each other and were I can interact with you. But I can only do that if you leave a comment. So, please do! It would really make my day. 

I have also gone ahead and created a twitter account...GASP!... I never thought I'd do that!! But I have. I'm not exactly sure how it works yet but I'm learning. I think you can find me under the everyday mommy @everyday_mommy. I've also gone ahead and created a Facebook page specifically for The Everyday Mommy Blog, find it under The Everyday Mommy or just click on the previously highlighted word it should take you directly there. 

Alright, I guess that's about it for now on this blog post. I really just wanted to share with you my intentions, dreams, hopes, and plans for the blog. I have much more to share but this post is already quite lengthy. I will look forward to getting in contact with all my readers not just here but through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and eventually email.

I really care to hear from you so PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment below! I've tried 
to arrange the settings on the comments so that it will be super easy to do so. Just type out your comment and press post! Let me know your thoughts, your more than welcome to go back and leave comments on the other posts as well!  

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