Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Coming Soon At Our Headquarters...

Lately Baby J. has been giving me more time to myself. 

Does the above sentence strike you as funny as it does me? What I actually meant is that Baby J.'s nap-times have started sorting themselves out more and that means I actually get to have two-three precious hours to myself a day. 

Of course, as any mommy out there knows-those two to three hours...usually get filled with errands, housework, cooking, and whatever other chores need to get done. Until recently this had been the norm around here at The Everyday Mommy Headquarters. As soon as Baby J. would drop off to sleep in the mornings I would start racing around the house loading a the dishwasher, the washmachine, cooking lunch, dusting, mopping the floors, and so on. Afternoon naps were spent much the same way as morning naps except I'd take time out for breakfast. It's true, I usually never get around to ACTUALLY eating breakfast well...at a normal breakfast time.

But as you must have noticed, I did mention that this was what was the norm "until recently". Last Friday, I actually walked over to my personal bookshelf and checked out my book collection. Two of them struck me as something I'd like to read and work on.

The first- Bible Memory Plan by Pamela L. McQuade. I bought this of off Christianbooks.com and just never got around to it. Well, I actually enjoy it and it's very simple to use. And dare I say it...I actually memorized two scripture verses already! How exciting! 

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The second- The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I actually received this book as a gift a LONG TIME ago. I do believe I was about 14 years old at the time...maybe younger. A small girls group at church wanted to do read through this book together and have discussions about it. Unfortunately for me, I never did manage to attend regularly. So, the book ended up spending more time on my bookshelves than being used. Well, I decided I would really like to get to work on it. I mean, there is still plenty of time to actually READ and COMPLETE the book before the arrival of our second baby. I'd really love to implement the ideas and concepts that it teaches into my life before the little one shows up. I do believe it would greatly benefit not only myself but my family as well.

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SO, why am I blogging about this? Let me tell you.

I would very much like to share my thoughts about the Bible Memory Plan Weekly Verses and the Purpose Driven Life with my readers. I would like for my journey through the Purpose Driven Life to be recorded on here. Just as I would love to share my thoughts on the Bible Verses every week.

Now, don't worry I don't plan on forcing anyone to speak up or to actually read these particular blog posts. The posts will always be clearly titled so that if you want to skip over them you can. I want to eventually group them into their own specific category but I'm still a little bit unclear on how that works. 

Just like my Blog Title mentions this blog is about the EVERYDAY MOMMY...and everyday moms do many various things. For now, I don't plan on restricting my blog to just recipes or stories about my adventures about being a mom. I'd like to share multiple things with you, my readers, that happen here at our Headquarters. 

So, that's that for now. I'll probably start the first posts on the Memory verses and the first chapter of the book later today. 

But don't worry! There will also be a many, VERY MANY posts that deal with my cooking, organizing, printables, and of course most important my thoughts and adventures as a Everyday Mommy.

What books have got you thinking? Or are there some specific books you want to get reading? I want to hear from you ... leave me a comment below!

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