Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inside Our Changing Table.

So, Baby J. is down for the night,a personal sized pizza is in the oven, and an idea that has been bouncing around my head all day is going to be blogged about.

Actually, as you probably can still remember from some of my earliest posts, (there aren't that many because I haven't been blogging for long),one of the things we are working on in our home is organization. I shared with you my readers a post on how I'd organized the linen closet and our laundry/storage room.

Well, today not only will I share with you how I organized Baby J.'s changing table but also what exactly is in it. I thought this post would tie in nicely with my ABC Of Baby Essentials.

To start off here is a picture of just how cluttered my changing table can get before it becomes the gorgeous organized masterpiece.

No judging happens to the best of us.
Like I mentioned in the ABC post, burp clothes are extremely important. Here's my stack.

Burp Clothes. Going to be adding more to these ones.
Then we have the two hooded towels. I especially love the blue puppy one. 

The two hooded towels.
After seeing one of my friends use her special burp cloth I went and searched online for some of my own. I found some form-fitting ones (the white one) and then a much smaller version (the blue) was a gift from a friend. I love both. The white offers more coverage but the blue one is so soft and pretty. Either way I will be ordering more of both types. I use these when we go out someplace. Their more attractive but in the end once the spit up is on them...well the attractiveness fades.

Another version of burp clothes. These I use when going out.

 Now, that Baby J. is bigger I've invested in a 7 day set of bibs. I love the cute designs and sayings on each. And will probably buy a similar set for our next baby. These have been washed very often yet the designs are still in perfect condition. The only thing is the edges have faded a little because of the use of Clorox.
Bibs- I have a 7 day set, only six shown here
because we used one for lunch.
 This blanket was also a gift and we love it. It's really large and will be good up until Baby J. is about 2 years old. The material is super soft and light. 
I have three such light blankets. They're a large size
so they should do nicely until Baby J. is about 2 years old.
 I originally only bought one such basket but I've since decided to buy more. This is a smaller sized one that fits perfectly into a drawer in the changing table. I like storing all the small items on it.
My basket for the itty-bitty things.
 Going to have to buy more of these.
 This set was a cheap find but it does it's job perfectly. Even though I've yet to use the nail file and scissors. Actually we used the scissors to trim Baby J.'s hair.
Nail clipper/ File/Scissor Set.
 The nose spray and vapor rub have helped Baby J. overcome two separate colds. Worth the money I spent on them. 
Nose spray and a vapor rub. Works wonders for colds.
 This set of oil, diaper powder, and diaper cream is what I originally bought for Baby J. The cream hasn't been used much because we've noticed the powder works better at keeping the skin dry and healing the rash faster. The oil I use on occasion when Baby J. is really agitated and needs a nice massage to relax before bedtime.
I love this brand. Oil/ Diaper Powder/ Diaper Cream.
 Since I ended up doing half-half (breastfeeding/pumping) , I invested in these plastic baggies. Their wonderful for storing breast milk in the freezer and also baby food.
Breastmilk Storage Bags.
The tub came with the table and was just perfect for bathing a newborn Baby J.
We used this tub for about 5 months before switching
over to the big bathroom one.

 The end result. Doesn't it look pretty? 
The final product. I also added Diapers to the drawer. 

I feel that we made a sound investement when we bought the changing table. It's been perfect for storing so many things and has acted as a closet for Baby J.'s clothing as well. Plus, we had the added bonus of a mini-tub, which we used plenty. Definitely glad we bought it.

What is one of your favorite baby furniture pieces that you own?

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