Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nightmare At 3 A.M.

Seriously, this week was the week were Baby J. decided to wake up before 5 A.M. more than once. I almost felt like going back in time and telling myself to stop complaining - 5 A.M.? That's a GREAT time to wake up compared with 3 A.M. and even 4 A.M.!

The first time this happened I kid you not my brain could not comprehend why in the world I needed to get out of bed while it was pitch black outside. 
I remember hearing a lot and I do mean A LOT of screaming and trying to figure out if there was a robbery going on or if someone got hurt. Then I realized that the screaming was coming from a very awake and very upset baby. So, you know I shot to my feet and grabbed him into my arms...well, maybe it was more like struggled to sit up,picked him up, and then THEN it hit me.

Why wasn't hubby reacting to Baby J. screaming his lungs out?I mean he was only on the other side of the bed...the screaming couldn't possibly be any quieter over there than on my side.

So, I turn around to see if Hubby was still sleeping only to get a mini scare. There by hubby's side of the bed was this gigantic guy with a cape! Or at least it was a cape until he bent over and grabbed some earplugs of off the nightstand. And revealed his identity to be that of Hubby. 

Next thing, I know is that Hubby is patting me on the shoulder and wishing me a good-night, kissing Baby J. on the cheek, carrying his blanket in one hand, while very casually stuffing the earplugs into his ears with the other. 
I couldn't believe it! He actually went to sleep in the spare room while leaving me to deal with Baby J. on my own!

I mean it's not like he hasn't had to take refugee in the other room, but that was because both I and the baby were sick and we didn't want him to get sick as well and miss work. But this, well this was just an upset baby needing to be calmed no reason to rush out of the room as if your heels were on fire!

Baby J. did end up going back to sleep sometime after 5:15A.M. By then I was totally ready to drop back into bed myself. Sadly, once 6A.M. rolled around Baby J. was ready to start the day. 

You know the early bird gets the worm - type of deal.

After another two days of this we were the happiest people on earth when we woke up today and saw that it was 6A.M.! And not 3 or 4.

Of course, we also got a good laugh out of me thinking hubby was wearing a cape and him rushing out of the room with the earplugs.

We still get a good laugh when we think of how the young boss had the old boss on the run!

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