Saturday, May 23, 2015

Project Shoebox : One Way To Keep Toys Interesting

Long time ago before Baby J. was born Hubby and I had a discussion that led us to making a very important decision. Or well, we consider it important others may not. 

We decided after visiting many of our friends and seeing their households overrun by toys that we would not buy Baby J. more than a few toys for each phase of his childhood. We wanted him to be able to have things to play with but not have so many toys that they would just end up sitting around the house unused.

Many of our friends actually laughed at us and said " You'll see once the Baby arrives you'll be buying toys left and right."

Well, the Baby is here and we are still firmly sticking to our decision. Now, that doesn't mean we haven't bought any toys for Baby J. We have. But we have tried to limit ourselves to things that would entertain him as well as help him learn. 

Actually just today I made an online order for this cute little baby phone. Baby J. has always been slightly obsessed with getting his little hands on either Hubby's phone or my own. The bright screen and backgrounds fascinate him and recently he has started to "talk" on the phone when he gets his hands on one. It's quite possibly one of the cutest things he's done so far. 

Another thing we've talked about getting Baby J. was some wood building blocks. We considered getting him some big Legos to play with but we've decided to wait on those until after he turns one. 

Some of Baby J.'s favorite toys are the three little cars he has. He absolutely loves pushing those around and chasing after them. Also, among his favorites are his drum, trumpet, and little baby maracas. I actually had to take the maracas away for now because he loved banging them on the floor. Which wouldn't have been a problem if we lived in our own house but since we live upstairs in an apartment...well I don't think the neighbors enjoyed the banging all that much. OOPS. 


One thing I've learned about keeping Baby J. happy is that just like every little child he LOVES new things. Especially toys. And just like every little child he gets bored or disinterested of them just as fast. 

Which brings me to the whole point of this post. One thing that we've learned to do to keep Baby J. interested in the toys that he has is to take them away for a little while. Or present them to him hidden in something. I call this the "Project Shoebox". I actually have a little (well it's not that little but still) shoebox that I use to store some of Baby J.'s toys. 

The minute we wake up in the mornings after doing our bathroom routines I head with Baby J. into the living room. I then grab the shoebox from the shelf and fill it with a variety of toys. Usually 4-5 will do. I then place it back on the shelf and leave it there. Baby J. will play with his other toys and sometime throughout the day if I see him get bored of what he has been playing with I grab the shoebox and let him discover what's inside.

He absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES to open the box and spill out the toys. And yes, that many 'loves' were necessary to adequately express just how much he enjoys this. 

I suggest trying "Project Shoebox" if your little one gets disinterested in the toys he owns.

What methods do you use to keep your little one interested in their toys? Please let me know in a comment below!!

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  1. Great idea! We do something similar with all of our toys. Also, looking at your pictures makes me miss having a baby - we had some of those same toys!

  2. Hi! I think it's great to try and find different ways to keep the "old" toys new! I'm glad you stopped by and hope to keep hearing from you! I also tried to stop by your blog but blogger said it's set on private .

  3. I love the idea of Project Shoebox. It keeps everything fresh! My son is a little older and we cycle out toys, which has been a good idea. Stopping by from Mom Blogs Party!

  4. I wish I had limited the amount of toys my kids had when they were little. Our house was full of toys (four kids). This is a great idea to keep kids interested in the toys they have. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  5. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing your link at Mom Resource Blog Party