Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Thoughts On Chapter 1 Of The Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Book
Chapter One: It All Starts With God

This chapter was an excellent begin. 

I loved the very first sentence..."It's not about you." How very true. 
It really and truly isn't. It should be about fulfilling the purpose God planned for me when He put me on this earth.

There was one sentence that really stuck out for me. 
"You were made by God and for God- and until you understand that, life will never make sense."(PDL pg.19)

I have lost count of the number of times I have said to myself "This just doesn't make sense, living life like this makes no sense!" Of course it doesn't. And this chapter has helped me see why. I have always placed myself first. My desires, my hopes, dreams, thoughts, and plans. Very rarely did I happen to think of God's hopes for me, His plans, thoughts, and desires. Because I am human all of my plans varied greatly from His. 

I am so thankful this chapter has made me realize just exactly what the first change should be. I need to focus more on God's purpose for me and allowing Him to use me in it. " is about letting God use you for his purposes, not your using him for your own purpose." (PDL pg.18)

Question To Consider: In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God,not myself?

Hmm, I guess a start would be setting aside a time of the day to be spent pondering a verse(s) or chapter(s) from the Bible. Having a special time of the day set aside for prayer and Bible reading would be a good start. I think even better would be having it set aside right after the morning routine of getting ready for the day is finished, that way the day starts off with the focus being on God's Word and having some time with Him in prayer. This would also be a great way to ponder on Him and His message for me throughout the day.

What are you're thoughts on the Question To Consider?

One thing I want to be very clear on is this...NO ONE is paying me or asking me to review this book. I decided to start with this particular book because it's been on my "to-do list" for almost 10 years. Oops. Anyways, I really want to go through it and read it and think on it. As well as record my thoughts somewhere and my blog is the perfect place for that.

I will be hopefully doing many more such projects. Reading is a MAJOR part of my life. I love getting immersed into a book, a good story can have me reading it even while cooking...which has more than once caused me to burn our dinner. Once more...oops. I also hope to be able to help Baby J. find such a love for reading as well. And later once the other little one is grown help him as well.

So, this isn't going to be a one time thing. I plan to do this with a variety of books. 

BUT I'm also not promising anything. My plans are just that plans. The future has a way of being filled with surprises and unexpected changes. Especially when two little ones are thrown into the equation.

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