Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Thoughts On Chapter 3 Of The Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Book
Chapter Three: What Drives Your Life?

This chapter was divided into two parts. The first dealt with the different things that drive people. Such as guilt, resentment, anger, fear, and need for approval. Personally, I believe that each person no matter how well put together they seem and how accomplished they might be are driven by a little by one of the things listed above. 

The second part of the chapter discussed the benefits of  purpose-driven living. It mentioned how knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life, simplifies it, and prepares you for eternity.

Some of the thoughts that remained with me after reading this chapter were :" If you want your life to have impact, focus it!"(PDL pg.32) We each realize that there is a part of our lives that needs to be more "organized" or needs "structure" but I never before thought of focusing my entire life in order for it to have the impact I want it too.

Another one of my favorite thought provoking lines was "Living to create an earthly legacy is a short-sighted goal. A wiser use of time is to build an eternal legacy." (PDL pg. 33) I loved this particular thought. Personally, I think leaving a legacy of faith and love to your family or friends is amazing but Mr. Warren has it right leaving just an earthly legacy behind has almost no purpose if your eternal one doesn't even exist.

Also, another one that really got me thinking was "You become effective by being selective." (PDL pg.32) This is actually unbelievably true. Our time is most wisely spent by being selective about how we spend it and the same could be said about our lives. 

This chapter was rich in content. It gave me so much to think about and made me take a closer look at a part of myself and the way I live that until now...I really didn't bother with. 

Question To Consider: What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be?

My family and friends would probably say the love for my husband and child is my current driving force. My husband would say my need for approval...because of the insecurities I struggled with and of course my love for him and our child. As I've typed this out I was actually very saddened. I've always thought my number 1 driving force would be my need to live a life pleasing to God. Instead I've subtly placed God second. And other things first. I am disappointed in myself. 

I really do want my number 1 driving force to be living a life that pleases God, my faith, my love for Him. After all, that is why I made a commitment with Him. Why I turned over my life to Him in the first place. Because everything that He did for me and offered me was so great and amazing that all I could do in return was promise Him a lifetime of worship, a lifetime of living for Him. And somewhere along the way I've stopped doing just that and started looking out for myself again. Here is another thing that I will start changing that needs correcting. 

How would you answer this Question To Consider? Let me know below!

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