Friday, May 29, 2015

Get Together's And Potatoes.

You know those big events were everyone is invited. Particularly family?

Yea, we're having one of those. 

Thank God it's not at my house! I don't know where we would fit 40+ people including children. Instead my sister-in-law is hosting it and I feel her anxiety and pain at the thought of all those people rummaging around through the backyard and her house. I've always wondered why before such a huge get together the hostess decides to clean the house from top to bottom.

I mean, let's be serious as soon as you let loose a pack full of children...that cleaning is as good as "never been done".

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE get together's. I love the feeling of being part of a large family and getting to enjoy good food and conversation with that family.

Well, I just wanted to post a quick (really short too) update to let my readers know why I've not been posting regularly this week. Been super busy helping get things ready plus I had to do a few translating jobs for some friends. It's difficult living in a country were you don't know the language. So, I help out when I can.

Anyways. The plan for tomorrow is :

4-5 A.M.- set 4kgs of potatoes to boil
5-6 A.M.- clean boiled potatoes
7-8 A.M.- entertain/feed/change/and prepare Baby J. for get together
8-9 A.M.- sneak in a quick nap before taking off at 9 for get together.

Yep. So, off to bed I go. 

4 A.M. comes round mighty quick.

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